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Only accessible in hardmode – wings are just what they seem, a set of accessories that allow the character to glide (not really fly because it’s inevitably temporary) in the air for some time. They provide immunity to any damage sustained from falling. If you hold down the jump key after the flight time has ended, then you also glide in the game’s terms. You can also hover, so mobility in the air is not a problem with wings. You probably won’t be able to jump anymore as your mechanics will be replaced with flying and you are going to be the most badass flying players the Terraria world has ever seen. The wings have advantage over rocket boots or Spectre boots with bigger flight range and better flight control. There are also other ways to fly in the game. There is the flying carpet, 4 sets of boots that allow flight, a jetpack, a hoverboard, the gravitation potion rounds the list out of all items that allow flight. A jetpack isn’t as effective as wings, but is very consistent when going vertically. A hoverboard is a very modern and sleek looking item that can be hovered or flown depending on the wishes of the owner. It is very agile and nimble. The gravitation potion allows you to control the gravity for 3 minutes so it is very powerful. But let’s get back to the stars of the show – wings.

As of today, there are 39 types of wings on the PC version of Terraria, here’s a cool video, showing each and every set of wings (36 at the time of the video).

So in the end, we have to admit, that the wings are very cool. It’s sad that they only become available during hardmode, but nevertheless, they are one of the most fun and welcome additions to the game. Everyone wants to believe they can fly.

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