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Iron is a second-tier element in Terraria. You can smelt the ore to form iron bars which can be later used to make some pretty cool items that need iron. But that’s already known from our mining, furnace and other guides. The real question is how to get iron in Terraria? Well, to be honest it’s not so hard. On the map it’s shown as a light grey texture.

How to find iron in Terraria? It lies around not very deep below the surface. As it is one of the most common materials in the game it’s no surprise at all to find it lying around the game world. With a decent pickaxe you’ll be able to fill your inventory with it pretty quickly. Later on it’s borderline useless to go around looking for it as there are much more powerful materials. Iron is mostly used for furniture as up to 50+ items utilize it on their recipe. In terms of weapons, the Flamethrower, Grandfather clock and Bathtub would probably be the most fun and unusual items that Iron is used on.

Overall, it’s a decent starter’s material for weapons and armor, but a very very powerful and useful metal for furniture making.

Hope this helps – happy ironing!

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