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How to use a work bench and what exactly is it? A set of questions that newcomers to the game have to face. If you’re reading this without any experience in Terraria, you might think that the work bench is such a special creation because so much goes around near it, but it’s actually a station and a piece of furnishing that is used for the most basic and simple crafting that there is in this game. In 2013, update 1.2 introduced many forms of work benches, with the wooden ones now being one of many.

A work bench looks just like a table and is used for crafting out of everything that isn’t metals. It can serve as a table or an alchemy station and it should be one of the first things that you make once entering the game’s world. What is also important is the fact that the Work Bench doesn’t get old, you can use it even in the later stages of the game, it definitely won’t lose its function and importance.

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