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Ores in Terraria are minerals that can be found and mined in the world of Terraria. You can get the ores by using a pickaxe. These ores are the materials for future items. They’re pieces to a puzzle and are smelted in order to create solid materials which are later used to make weapons, armor and other inventory filling items or furniture.

There are two types of ore – pre-hardmode and hardmode ores. We’ll go over all of those right here.

Pre-Hardmode ores:

  •  Copper
  •  Tin
  •  Ironworth noting is that a lot of people ask how does iron look like in Terraria? It’s hard to sometimes separate these pixel styled graphics and differentiate Iron from Tin or Lead, silver or some other materials. They all look grey and mostly the same. This is usually a question that a new player asks, you don’t necessarily need to know how it looks like, just browse your inventory and find out what have you gotten.
  •  Lead
  •  Silver
  •  Tungsten
  •  Gold
  •  Platinum
  •  Demonite
  •  Crimtane
  •  Meteorite Ore
  •  Hellstone
  •  Obsidian

How to find these pre-hardmode ores in Terraria? It’s simple – explore the caves and dig down… Deep down. The deeper down you are, the more options and possibilities for ores you might encounter.

Hardmode ores:

  •  Cobalt
  •  Palladium
  •  Mythril
  •  Orichalcum
  •  Adamantite
  •  Titanium
  •  Chlorophyte
  •  Luminite

Another thing worth knowing is the ore alternatives. With only four types always available: Hellston, Obsidian, Chlorophyte and Meteorite, the others weigh eachothers out:

Copper – Tin

Iron – Lead

Silver – Tungsten

Gold – Platinum

Demonite – Crimtane

Cobalt – Palladium

Mythril – Orichalcum

Adamantite – Titanium

It all depends on how you destroy your altars and other in-game meachanics.

So, just like in any other game, ores are used to manufacture and create something more. What you do is smelt them. How to smelt ores in Terraria? Use a furnace that we explain how to build in the furnace article or use it on a hellforge. Whichever the case may be, your ore supply will affect your gameplay so get the most for the most. Cheers!

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