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Locust were a race of reptiles/humans that lived in the underground of Sera, but after ED (Emergence day) the Locust began fulfilling their main goals of populating the surface of Sera and along the way – exterminate and destroy the human race. The Locust Horde comprises of a common race known as drones and a bunch of variations and different species who live in the Hollow. Their technology and advancements were gathered upon collecting what the humans threw out. They did, however managed to create something of their own: small weapons, heavy weapons, armor for tamed beasts, ammo, architecture and a small portion of computers. Their arsenal is more biologically based rather than humans.

An average locust is almost 7 feet tall (2.10m+), but many of them are a lot bigger. Bulky skin, strength, heavy bones make Locust extremely tough opponents. Their blood is orange red and can be seen a lot throughout the campaign. With the use of Imulsion-Countermeasure weapon, the Locust bodies begin forming in to crystals. They are the main villains in Gears of War 1, 2 and 3. In Gears of War 4, they’re already defeated.

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