Gears of War 4 enemies

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This game has two main sets of enemies. The Swarm and the Deebee’s. The Swarm has a separate article written about them, right here on gamespedition – go check it out. But here we’re going to talk about DB’s a bit more. Mentioned in our Gears of War 4 review, these are robots, made by Baird (SPOILER ALERT) and his company DB industries, right after the Locust War. They were created specifically for dangerous tasks involving combat, mostly. What they lack in armor when compared to the Gears and Swarm they compensate in numbers and technological advancements. Most of them aren’t very agile so they prove to be easy targets for our soldiers. Their weaponry is quite limited in damage so fighting them is challenging, but far from impossible.

So we hope you’ve enjoyed our short description of DeeBees in Gears of War 4. Watch the video below to see more about the DB’s. Until next time.

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