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The Swarm, just like the Locust are a race or species of creatures that were active after the ugly Lambent Pandemic. They are the direct successors and descendants of the Locust Horde. Their creation after the destruction of the Locust Horde is a mystery, yet to be uncovered. After the deployment of Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon, it was thought that the Locust Horde was wiped out. The Locust got covered in a tight crystal shell and was completely impenetrable. Even with diamond bullets it showed no effect, the diamond would be destroyed rather than doing any damage. COG didn’t know how to dispose of the bodies so they dumped them in underground mass graves.

After successfully rebuilding Sera for 25 years the COG had some success and the planet was in order again. However one night mysterious creatures raided a village and kidnapped everyone except JD, Del and Kait. Here we are at the story of Gears 4 and along the way, our characters familiarize themselves with the new enemies – the Swarm. There are a lot of species of the Swarm:

  • Juvie

    • Screamer

  • Drone

    • Grenadier

    • Hunter

    • Imago

    • Sniper

    • Elite Drone

  • Scion

    • Scion Boomshot

    • Scion Buzzkill

    • Scion Dropshot

    • Scion Mulcher

    • The Speaker

  • Pouncer

  • Snatcher

  • Carrier

  • Swarmak

  • Hive Beast

The biggest mystery surrounding the Swarm is without a doubt – their origins. They have no clear connection with the Locust. Although deep within a mine in Gears 4, our group encounters long forgotten crystal shells of the Locust, many of them cracked open and soon enough they have to fight a Scion – race of the Swarm.

We hope the developers give us more information about the Swarm soon. These nasty creatures need to be shown their place.

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