Gears of War 4 Anya

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Anya was a soldier in the COG army. She joined the army following her mother’s footsteps, but never was a frontline soldier, like her mother, Anya served as a communications specialist and was assigned to the same unite as her mother. Anya listened to her mother dying on the radio in the Battle of Aspho Fields. Anya remained in service, this time as a controller in the High Command service during the Locust War. Her name means “mother” in the Hungarian language and she has a lot of motherly instincts to live up to that name. She always felt clouded by her mother’s shadow. She was a person with a bit of “curved” sense of reality, she got close to the ground after her mother got killed – becoming stronger, more independent and after joining the frontlines – a lot like her mother. Anya started to enjoy fighting and fell in love with Marcus. Marcus responded with warm feelings as well. Their relationship is a full blown narrative and a story inside a story, but for the sake being, we’ll leave it alone this time.

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