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Lancer is the name given to an assault rifle in the Gears universe. There are a few versions of the Lancers, each with different history, specs and abilities. We’ll go over them in this article.

Mark 1 Lancer Assault rifle or the Retro Lancer

The father of Mark 2 Lancer Assault rifle, this was made and used by COG. Still in service at the beginning of the Locust War this was outdated, had low ammo capacity and was quickly replaced by the Mark 2. After Jacinto sinking supplies got harder to find, so the Mark 1 made a small comeback. It has a history for being used in the Pendulum Wars. The only reason for this change was its inability to stop the Locust Horde.

Mark 2 Lancer Assault Rifle

An upgraded version from the Mark 1, this one had the original knife bayonet replaced with a chainsaw. The weapon had improved everything. Better aiming, smaller effect of recoil, larger magazines. Designed Adam Jonathon Fenix in the first year of the Locust War, Mark 2 soon became the flagship weapon of the COG. The most famous part of this weapon is the earlier mentioned Chainsaw bayonet with has an altering torque motor and can kill enemies in a jiffy.

Custom Lancer

This is an upgraded version of the Mark 2 Lancer Assault rifle that was made by Marcus Fenix himself who made a few changes to the design. Magazine is put in an angle, the Custom Lancer has a slightly longer barrel, lights placed around the weapon. It also is equipped with the notorious chainsaw bayonet and is sometimes referred to as the Lancer Mark 3.

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