The Top Four Best Zombie Video Games

What sort of gaming lover doesn't love the thrill of zombie games? Trying to escape the crawlers and survive in an apocalyptic world is something gaming fans thrive off. In no particular order, we will break down the four best zombie video games to play, based on storyline, gameplay, graphics, and a number of other factors.

World War Z

Firstly, World War Z. The game was inspired by the 2013 movie World War Z, starring Brad Pitt. The best feature of the game is the variety of classes you can play with. There are six classes in total you can choose from, including slashers and fixers. Each class comes with benefits and downfalls, providing the game with a lot of versatility which never makes the game boring.

World War Z allows you to choose your own path when it comes to taking down zombies by letting you upgrade classes of your own choice.

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead

Telltale Games' The Walking Dead deserves the title of being the most unique on this list. It may not be as action-packed compared to World War Z, however, this game explores the humanistic side of the apocalypse, creating a realistic narrative. You are posed with a number of social dilemmas and questions of morality are asked. Ultimately, you act as the key decision-making in guiding yourself and fellow survivors to safety.

The Walking Dead franchise inspired a number of zombie-orientated games and the franchise has even touched the gambling niche. You can play The Walking Dead 2 slot game at Buzz Bingo as well as other casino games.

State of Decay 2

Created by Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 follows on from the first version of this franchise and it doesn't disappoint as it is a significant upgrade on the first. This is a true survival game where you are always on the hunt for vital resources that are scattered around the map. You aren't just tasked with staying away from zombies, because food is scarce and in limited supply. There are also unpredictable survivors that you cross paths with who you can choose to add to your survival group.

A commendable aspect of the game is the multiplayer version of the game. You can unite with friends and help each other survive for as long as possible.

The Last of Us

This is by far the most famous and critically acclaimed zombie game on this list and for good reason. You are challenged by a number of environments by both humans and zombies, never giving you a moment's rest. Some of the visuals are inevitably graphic, gory, and emotionally draining, portraying a creepy but realistic apocalyptic world.

The sheer unpredictability of the game makes it a complete zombie experience as the game is played under a repressive government with savages all over the map. It is worth mentioning there is a second version of The Last of Us however, the originality this game possesses makes it even better than the newer release.

Unfortunately, The Last of Us is exclusive to PlayStation, meaning Xbox owners won't be able to play the game for now.

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