Dating Advice: How Can a Nerd Start Dating?

We have all heard the stereotypes. Nerdy people have trouble dating because they’re too eclectic. They lack social graces. No female nerds exist. All these are obviously false, but even lies can harm the chances of finding a romantic partner. Nevertheless, we’re going to provide dating advice for gaming nerds who want to meet someone great but are not quite sure how to make it work.

Hang Out at Local Gaming Places

When trying to find love as a nerdy gamer, the first option you have is to go places where nerds hang out. A great place to start is video game cafes or arcades if they exist in your area. You can meet fellow gamers, get to know each other, and bond. If you lack places to play games in public, then going to a local game store, not one of the major retailers can help you connect with nearby gamers and get a romance going. This method is best under some circumstances but not always accessible.

Try Using a Dating Site for Gamers

Another great option you have available to meet a nerdy partner is to make use of modern online dating services. Although many people still don’t know about their existence, it’s possible to find and use a dating app for nerds where users can find other gamers looking for love. The dating profiles make it easy to send up a flag and attract only the sort of people you want. In other words, once you find an app that works for your specific needs, you just need to fill out the profile with what sort of games you enjoy and other valuable information to get the dating results you desire. It won’t take long for people who have a lot in common with you to come along and send you messages, but you can be proactive, too. Use the apps’ search features to find people who excel at modern shooters or love retro gaming and want a long-term relationship. Internet dating makes anything possible in terms of love.

Meet Someone While Playing MMOs

Another option you have for finding a date as a nerdy person is to rely on your video games. More people are playing online than ever before, and each person who is in the lobby of your favorite shooter or hanging out in a major hub in your MMO of choice is someone you can reach out to. Using online games, you can connect with thousands of people around the world; one of these gamers is bound to strike your fancy, but you must be rather direct in asking them out. You don’t want to possibly leave a good thing on the table, right?

Go To Major Gaming Conventions

Lastly, you can attend gaming conventions in basically any major city several times throughout the year. Gaming nerds of all sorts show up to these events, allowing you to meet and mingle with thousands of people who like to play games, talk about their development, and dress as their favorite characters. As long as you’re kind and personable, you stand a fair chance at meeting someone interested in more than talking about their favorite games!

Nerds can be a lot of fun to date, but you have to find them in the proper places. Using the methods that we’ve come up with here, you stand a very good chance at meeting some single nerds. Just keep a positive mindset, be yourself, and don’t be afraid to talk about your interests. Great dates await you!

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