Best VR Games To Immerse Yourself In Another World

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Virtual Reality Games: A List of the Best Entertainment

Users are offered a lot of exciting entertainment options. They are adapted for consoles. VR mobile games with controllers are also available. Everyone can choose their preferred option depending on the genre, plot, and performance. The most popular games include 

  • Thief Simulator VR;
  • Elite Dangerous;
  • LA Noire: The VR Case Files;
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator;
  • Solus Project;
  • Minecraft VR;
  • No Man's Sky;
  • Population: One;
  • Fallout 4;
  • Subnautica;
  • The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim;
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home;
  • The Forest.

Find an acceptable option for yourself or move on to no less interesting Disney World VR games. It all depends on personal preferences only.

Thief Simulator VR

The game attracts attention with its vast open world, which is available for exploration. You will move from one house to another in an attempt to steal something exotic or expensive. Become the best thief in the virtual world, leaving your competitors far behind. Evade police harassment, make grand escapes, and reach new levels of experience.

Elite Dangerous

The game offers a vast universe to explore. Head out into space in your own starship, explore every corner of the vast world, and stay alert. Don't miss the opportunity to discover new horizons of the outer space world.

LA Noire: The VR Case Files

A realistic crime mystery is available to all who are eager to solve a unique case. Think about who could have committed the crime and how to get on the trail of the intruder.

As you go through the next twists and turns of the plot, you will meet non-player characters. They interact with the open world to help solve complicated cases.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

The game is considered one of the most realistic and fascinating. You will have to take a pilot's seat on an airplane and fly around the entire planet. Travel around the world, explore the sights, and enjoy ultimate immersion in the game.

Solus Project

Try to survive on an unknown planet by choosing the Solus Project. The action takes place far from Earth, so you need to be on your guard. The entire team with whom you come to a hostile planet will die. Explore the new world alone and try to survive.

Minecraft VR

The construction sandbox has reached a new level. You are invited to explore the generated world using virtual reality technology. Discover new biomes, create unique structures, and have fun playing the game. See your creations up close, feel like a legendary architect, and start building an entire city.

No Man's Sky

No Man's Sky is a unique game where you will go to explore new planets. Discover the unique species that inhabit the vast expanses of the galaxy.

Just imagine how interesting it is to control a spaceship, immersed in virtual reality. However, exploring the world on foot will be no less fascinating. You are offered a huge open universe, so don't waste your time!

Population: One

A royal battle awaits you. It involves 8 players. Use magical abilities to survive and emerge victorious in the battle. The unique gameplay includes flying with the help of magic costumes. You'll also have to move a lot with motion control.

An open world with interesting explorations and challenges, and great combat mechanics - what more do you need for an exciting pastime? Test your luck in a legendary battle with a fully immersive virtual environment.

Fallout 4

A role-playing game that takes you to a post-apocalyptic world. Its extensive mechanics with virtual reality support will not let you get bored. With a choice of dialogues, an unparalleled combat system, and a survival mode - you will get maximum pleasure and have a great time.


In most cases, developers fail to create the most realistic gameplay when it comes to the underwater world. However, Subnautica has become a survival game where you can fully immerse yourself in the uncharted depths of the ocean. The aquatic environment on another planet is unique. You have every chance to discover an exciting world and explore the unknown inhabitants of the galaxy.

Once the game was supplemented with virtual reality, it became thrilling and realistic. Swim in the depths of the ocean, enjoy the beauty of the new world, and try to survive on a hostile planet.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim

This is a game by Bethesda Studios. It captivates players by

  • open world;
  • the possibility of exploring a huge number of cities, settlements, and caves;
  • encounters with powerful enemies.

Make effective decisions, fight your opponents, and choose ways to solve your problems.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

This is an exciting game with many twisted storylines. Try on the role of a superhero and move around the city shooting spider webs. Fly through familiar streets, view skyscrapers, and fight enemies.

The Forest

This is an exciting project made as a survival game. The main task is to build a base. It is also necessary to explore the surrounding space, the virtual world, and get information about the existing enemies.

The game is considered one of the best among those where you need to build your own base for survival. Try to blend into the surrounding reality to stay unharmed.


Virtual reality games will be a source of exciting and memorable entertainment. Their advantages and disadvantages are shown in the table below.




  • full immersion into the virtual world
  • the opportunity to feel like the main character of the story
  • a variety of game genres
  • the need to purchase a headset
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