Are the New Pokémon Games Set to Prepare Players for VR Offerings in the Future?

Pokémon is one of the world’s best-selling game franchises, with more than 440 million titles sold worldwide. It could end up being the most lucrative series of all time in the future, as there are no plans for releases to slow down. In fact, there are plenty of different developers working on various offerings set to hit devices over the next few years.

There is a lot of hype surrounding Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, which will be available to play on the Nintendo Switch in November 2022. These are going to be open-world games and could be designed to prepare players for future titles in virtual reality.

Most Immersive Games Yet

Pokémon games have always aimed to offer players high levels of immersion, making them feel as if they are trainers of the weird and wonderful Japanese monsters. They have also tended to be simplistic in their design, though, as the numerous developers have aimed to make them accessible to as great a number of people as possible.

The franchise is so well-known now that for some players, it’s more than just a game – it’s a way of life. Online gamer communities are constantly speculating on the latest developments within the franchise, as well as exchanging tips and tricks on hubs such as The Pokémon news section is almost entirely populated by players and their unique insights into the beloved game. Articles can range from the best and most iconic crab Pokémon to information about the World Championships. There was also some recent news about leaked maps for the Scarlet and Violet editions.

According to reports, the new titles for the Switch will have open worlds that players can freely explore, with urban areas and wilderness. These should give players a taste that they’ve entered the world of Pokémon and could prepare them for what life will be like in the future when there are detailed VR games to enjoy.

Franchise Has Already Shown that it Can Adapt to New Tech

It stands to reason that the trajectory of the Pokémon franchise is getting ready for VR games. The technology isn’t mainstream yet, but analysts such as VFXV believe that it is heading that way. As the hardware becomes more advanced and the titles available on it improve, consumers will find it harder to ignore.

The franchise has already shown that it can and will adapt to new technology and played a major role in bringing augmented reality to worldwide attention in 2016. Pokémon Go from Niantic was a global phenomenon and amassed more than one billion downloads across the planet by 2019. The title invented a winning formula in which players could walk around in the real world and see Pokémon superimposed on their surroundings.

The game featured a digital map that used GPS to show Pokémon in nearby locations. Players then had to travel to the place and hold their smartphones up to reveal one of the colorful creatures. Despite being released six years ago, the title remains popular with avid fans. That suggests that the people who play are ready and waiting for a similar option, perhaps in VR this time.

A VR Pokémon game could be similar to Pokémon Go, but instead of using real-world settings, it would allow players to enter the universe of the anime series. It could end up being a catalyst for VR adoption in the same way the Niantic game raised awareness of AR.

The upcoming Scarlet and Violet games are hugely exciting. This is partly because they’ll introduce new characters, but also because it feels like a step forward toward higher levels of immersion in VR. The franchise is only set to get better and better in the years ahead.

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