Simulation games

Simulation games try to depict reality either fictional or real world type. As the name suggests they simulate various aspects of reality as precisely as possible giving you close-to-reality experience through the game. Usually Simulation games do not have particular goal you have to achieve and depend more on strategy and planning while leaving you to decide what you are going to do with it. Simulation games provide you with (a bit) simplified version of reality and lets you to understand and manipulate the key factors that affect it. Simulation games feature high flexibility giving you a chance to find new ways or to refine your old techniques and strategies to achieve your goals within the game.

There are a lot of Simulation games and they have different purposes - some are played for fun (like we all enjoy) while others are rather serious business that are used for studying and acquiring basic abilities of the specific field.

Games can be different in terms of realism. How much of real life physics and situations you will encounter in the gameplay.

Simulation games have different categories, the more notable ones include Vehicle Simulations, Life Simulations, Construction and Management Simulations.


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