Darkest Dungeon: Best Party

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To happily finish the game you need to build a powerful team of heroes. You can take four heroes on a mission. So it’s good to combine different classes and their abilities. Of course, you can take two or more same heroes and sometimes it’s also a good idea. Darkest Dungeon consists of several locations and you should build a new roster for each mission. So there is no one universal receipt of the best party.

But chin up! We’ve prepared the best rosters for each dungeon. Also, read our tips on building a good team. Let’s start with defined squads and useful skills.

The best party for the Ruins

You should bring here characters who can deal blight damage. Unholy enemies are immune to bleed damage so such skills will be useless. Fill up our team with heroes who have DoT effects, not only blight skills. Also, take classes with high SPD to prevent powerful enemies’ attacks.

Party composition (from frontline to backline):

  1. The Leper. He deals high damage and can slay tanks on the frontline.
  2. The Crusader. He is essential in the Ruins as he has +15% DMG to unholy enemies.
  3. The Vestal. That is the best healer in the game so we suggest taking her in every party.
  4. The Plague Doctor. She can easily destroy backlines and control enemies.

The best party for the Weald

Enemies here have low resists to bleed and move while they are almost immune to blight. So take heroes with DoT effects and control abilities. You may want to reduce the enemies’ damage with other control skills. Here are a lot of eldritch foes and humans, but you can also encounter unholy enemies.

Party composition (from frontline to backline):

  1. The Bounty Hunter. This class can move foes and mark them to deal a higher damage.
  2. The Houndmaster. He is the best choice to deal with fungi and he also can mark enemies.
  3. The Occultist. Despite he isn’t the best healer, the Occultist has good stuns and debuffs.
  4. The Plague Doctor. You should take this hero due to the Battlefield Medicine.

The best party for the Warrens

Enemies in the Warrens will increase your stress very fast, so take stress-healing heroes. Bleed skills will also be useful, but don’t use blight abilities on well-protected foes. It would be cool if you take debuffers and controllers to reduce enemies’ PROT. Scouting is useful here as well as resistance to diseases.

Party composition (from frontline to backline):

  1. The Hellion. She is useful here due to bleed attacks and ability to damage backlines.
  2. The Houndmaster. It’s the best hero as he deals bonus damage to beasts and debuffs foes.
  3. The Grave Robber. Take this class to destroy backlines and counter diseases.
  4. The Plague Doctor. She can both heal allies and apply status effects on enemies.

The best party for the Cove

Remember key skills and stats for the Cove: blight attacks, stun resist, buffs and bonus damage to eldritch enemies. You will suffer from stress so be sure to have skills which reduce it and heal your heroes. Bleed skills are not so useful here because of fish scales and protection. Enemies focus on straight damage, not on DoT effects.

Party composition (from frontline to backline):

  1. The Abomination. He deals big damage in beast form and biffs allies in human form.
  2. The Occultist. Take this class to deal more damage to eldritch foes and heal allies.
  3. The Jester. It’s good class as he has control abilities and can reduce the stress of teammates.
  4. The Plague Doctor. Use her skills to control enemies and heal your party.

The best party for the Courtyard

Vampires in the Courtyard are vulnerable to bleed and resisted to blight. Some foes have strong stun resist. You should build a self-sufficient party with strong heal skills and stress-reducing abilities. Be aware of the Crimson Course feature, because several enemies can infect your heroes with that disease.

Party composition (from frontline to backline):

  1. The Flagellant. He deals good bleed damage and can gather stress from other heroes.
  2. The Jester. This class is good at moving enemies and he also can reduce stress.
  3. The Houndmaster. It’s a good damage dealer with control skills and buffs.
  4. The Vestal. This is your main healer and she becomes more powerful with trinkets.

General tips on party building

Each dungeon requires its own strategy. But you always should have certain classes in the team to deal with different enemies:

  • Damager. Put this class in the first slot. Here could be the Hellion, the Leper, the Highwayman or the Crusader. This class will destroy first rows of enemies and another team will support him.
  • Controller. This class should stay at the backline. You may use the Occultist or the Bounty Hunter to move enemies to the front where damagers will slay them. You also can use the Plague Doctor to stun enemies and damage them with range skills.
  • Healer. He will save your team from wounds and stress. You can take the Vestal who is the best healer or the Occultist with more control and utility skills. However, it’s possible to take a second damager instead of a healer if you have to slay a powerful enemy.

This scheme leads to the best universal party line-up (listed from head to tail): the Hellion (or the Crusader for the Ruins) > the Bounty Hunter > the Vestal > the Jester. Here you have all essential classes plus the Jester which can buff and enhance allies. Try this formation or use one of the listed above. And good luck!

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