Darkest Dungeon: How to camp

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Camping is a stage which you can activate during any medium or long mission. Means your party can occupy an empty room and take a rest. Camp provides bonuses for health and other stats as well as increases the level of light. For camping, you need Firewood that is available before missions free. Just right-click these supplies to create a camp and rest a while. It’s a nice opportunity to heal your team and buff it.

Each camping event includes 2 stages.

The meal stage

Here we have the first phase of camping. During it, you should feed your heroes with prepared food. Just choose how much food your team will consume:

  • 0 units of food – all heroes will take damage and stress;
  • 2 units of food – nothing will happen;
  • 4 units of food – all heroes will heal their wounds;
  • 8 units of food – all heroes will heal their wounds even more and cure stress.

These parameters are valid for the full squad of 4 adventurers. If you have three or fewer members of the team, you will need less food. For each dead hero, an amount of food consumed is lowered by a quarter. Means 3 characters need only 6 food units for maximum bonus and so on up to 2 food units for 1 hero.

Note that quirks and diseases can affect your heroes’ behavior during this stage. Some adventurers don’t require food at all with stress above 50. Other folks will consume more food and this will raise all party’s expenses. Trinkets can increase or decrease food consumption as well. Also, heroes with afflictions sometimes refuse to consume food and take damage.

The skill stage

At this phase, heroes can use their camping abilities to receive bonuses. Choose wisely what bonuses you need at this moment: healing, reducing stress, buffing allies, etc. Each skill costs some energy and you can spend up to 12-time points. All classes have shared camping skills and unique ones for each character. There are 3 shared abilities with a cost of 2-time points for each:

  1. Encourage. Removes some stress from a single target.
  2. Wound Care. Heals a single target and removes bleed or blight.
  3. Pep Talk. Reduces an amount of stress taken for next 4 battles for a single target.

Abilities for camping you can unlock via the Survivalist in the Hamlet. We recommend choosing what skills to use for camping as far as you cannot change skills when this event starts. When you are out of time points or there are no more skills left you can end this stage.


Enemies don’t sleep and they can attack you at night. You will be surprised which means all heroes will change their positions in the formation. You also will fight with light at the level of 0. Special camping abilities can prevent an ambush so learn them as fast as possible. It’s also a good tactic to rearrange your team before camping so in case of ambush some heroes may be placed in their best slots.

Don’t forget about dangers and have a good rest!


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