The escapists first prison guide

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You want to get out of the first prison as fast as possible? Then this is the right guide for you! Let's go straight to the point, so you can escape as fast as possible.

List of Needed Items

This is the list of items you will need for escaping from Center Perks:

1.Flimsy Cutters
2. Bed Dummy
3. Plastic Cell Key
4. Guard Outfit
5. Plastic Forks

How To Craft The Items

This part of the guide is detailed instructions on how to craft the needed items.

1. Plastic Cell Key- cell key mold+molten plastic
2. Molten Plastic- comb/toothbrush+lighter
3. Cell Key Mold- cell key(steal from gaurd)+wad of putty
4. Wad of Putty- Tube of Toothpaste+ Tub of Talcom Powder
5. Bed Dummy- pillow+pillow+bedsheet
6. Guard Outfit- Jar of Ink+Infirmary Overalls
7. Infirmary Overalls- Inmate Outfit+ Tub of Bleach
8. Plastic Fork- Find them in the cafeteria.
9. Flimsy Cutters- File+File+Role of Duct Tape

The Escape!

By now you know the items you need and how to acquire them. This part is only useful after you know how to get the items or already have them. The next paragraph will guide you step by step on how to make the escape.

Firstly, during the day use forks to chip through a wall at the bottom entrance doors until the wall has only 4% left. Once it is lights out, put the bed dummy in your bed, put the guard outfit on and go through your cell door with the plastic cell key, then using the fork and finish the last bit of the wall. After that go through the hole and put the wall back. Using the cutters cut through the fence and you are free! Congratulations, you have escaped from the first prison.

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