How to make keys in the escapists

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There are 5 different level keys in the game. Guards can carry one of the 5 versions of keys with them. Every key can unlock a different set of doors.

To steal the keys from guards you need to knock them out. An effective way to do so is using a cup of molten chocolate, as it can knock guard out in a single hit.

You can make copies of keys using Key Mold and then return the original key back to guard’s inventory so that when guard wakes up and sees that the key is missing you will not get sent to the solitary. You can also try to stash key in inmates desk, doing so will send you to the solitary, but the key will probably still be there once you come back.

Making plastic keys

It is possible to make plastic keys by duplicating the original keys using key mold. To be able to duplicate a key it requires 80 intelligence. Plastic keys can be used just like the original keys, however they only last half as long.

Based on the pre-game screen you can know which guards will have what kind of keys. Guard that roll calls has the Cell Key and guard that is beside him has the Utility key. Guard that follows prisoners(third guard from pre-game screen) has the Entrance Key. Fourth guard has the Staff Key and fifth has the Work Key. In most of the larger prisons only first five guards have keys.

Key list:

  1. Cell Key - Is used to unlock cells during the lights out time at night. The key is held by roll-call guard.
  2. Utility Key - Is used to get into utility areas, which often contain prisoner stashes.
  3. Entrance Key - Is used to access outdoors after 10PM or before 10AM.
  4. Staff Key - Is used to get past the fence gates and open staff-only areas.
  5. Work Key - Is used to open work rooms such as Laundry or Wood Shop.

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