Exercising in the escapists

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Many of the new players have trouble in finding out how to exercise in the escapists. It often happens that people find the exercise room, but once they get there they don’t know what to do. This short guide will tell all you need about exercising the escapists.

How to actually exercise

To start exercising first of you need to find the exercising room. In the first prison the room is located at the bottom part of them map. Once you enter the room get on the treadmill if you want to gain speed points. Once you step on it mash Q and E on your keyboard repeatedly. To gain strength you can either bench-press or do push-ups on the yoga mat, to do so, just like on a treadmill, you need to mash Q and E repeatedly.

Many players find it repetitive or even tiring to keep pressing Q and E as fast as you can, but in real life working out is also tiring and repetitive.

Why you should exercise in the escapists

Exercising gives your character stats. There are 4 different stats in the game: Speed, Strength, Intelligence and Opinion.

By exercising you can increase your character’s speed and strength. Speed gives your character faster attack speed, therefore your dps(damage per second) becomes higher. It is important to note that speed does not increase your character’s moving speed. Strength increases your character’s maximum health as well as his damage in fights. Working out will increase your fatigue level rapidly, to restore it eat a meal(during meal time), take a shower or sleep during lights out. Having good strength and speed will help you complete levels faster and easier.

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