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Stardew Valley is a very hooking and relaxing game. It’s hard to describe why we like it (but we most certainly do). However no one likes to sow crops that don’t make much money as a result. You take good care of them, you use fertilizers, all that, and in the end you barely get any money in return. Sounds familiar? Here we have most profitable Stardew Valley crops for all seasons. Depending on how much money you have or how long you’ve been in the game you might not immediately be able to buy all of them, but once you get a chance, you should. They do pay off. So here we go Stardew Valley profitable crops:


Strawberries and Rhubarbs are the best. However you won’t be able to buy them right away. Profitable spring crops that you can buy at Pierre’s are Potatoes, Cauliflowers and Green Beans.


Best thing you can sow in summer are blueberries (luckily you can buy them at Pierre’s General Store). Starfruit is also profitable but you will have to go to the desert to get that. If you are looking for something to buy at Pierre’s, Hops and Melons are also good choice for profitable summer seeds.


The best option that you can plant in autumn is the Rare Seed that you can buy from the Gypsy (in that weird wagon standing not so far away from the Wizard’s tower). The Rare Seed costs a lot, but it pays off. Best thing you can buy at Pierre’s General Store in autumn are Cranberries. You want to get a lot of those. Other profitable autumn crops include Pumpkins and Grapes.


You cannot grow anything in winter unless you have a greenhouse or happened to own an Assortment of Wild Winter Seeds (these grow in the snow just fine). And now you have an answer for the question: what are the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley, you are ready for some profitable farming! The video will show you some examples of the most profitable crops in Stardew Valley.

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