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Being a Stardew Valley farmer is a tiresome job. You have to water your crops every morning in order for them to grow consistently. However using watering can is a very limited and time consuming way to achieve the result. This is where sprinklers get in handy. There are three types of sprinklers that can be used on a farm.

Sprinkler waters 4 adjacent spaces around it every morning. The simple sprinkler is unlocked after you reach level 2 in farming. Sprinklers can be crafted from the crafting menu, all you need is one copper bar and one iron bar. And those are quite easy to get by smelting copper and iron ores.

Quality sprinkler waters 8 adjacent spaces every morning. Quality sprinkler is unlocked after you reach level 6 in farming. You can craft it from gold bar, iron bar and refined quartz bar. It’s also a reward that you get after completing summer crops bundle in the pantry of the community centre.

Iridium sprinkler waters 24 adjacent spaces every morning. Iridium sprinklers are unlocked when you reach 9th level of farming. In order to craft an Iridium sprinkler you will have to use one of each: gold bar, iridium bar and a battery pack. By the time you reach the level when you can craft these sprinklers gold bars shouldn’t be a problem. Iridium can be found in skull caverns in large numbers, the deeper you go the more chances to encounter it. And the battery packs are something you can get by placing some lighting rods and waiting for a storm to hit them.

Iridium sprinkler can also be bought from Krobus down in the sewers every Friday. But it will cost a fortune! Krobus wants to get 10 000 g for one iridium sprinkler. Which is ridiculous price since the selling price of iridium sprinkler is 1 000 g.

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