Stardew Valley: Truffle Oil - Mayor’s Need quest

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Mayor Lewis has all sorts of strange requests for you, he is a weird guy - weird in a good way but still… At a certain point in the game Lewis will ask you for Truffle Oil, he won’t even tell why, he’s so mysterious about it! Mayor’s Need quest will help you to get started on making oil and producing truffles if you haven’t done so already.

So once you have Mayor’s Need quest in your journal, you will have to provide Mayor Lewis with a bottle of Truffle Oil to complete the quest.

So how do you make Truffle Oil?

Well first of all you need a truffle, of course. There are two possible ways to get it in Stardew Valley. One is to go to the travelling cart and hope that the gipsy woman will have a truffle to sell. But that’s just mere luck. She may have it, she may not. And even if she does have a truffle in her cart, it will be so ridiculously overpriced (1 500 g, seriously??) that you really want to think twice before making such an investment. Whatever your views on the prices are, this is one of the ways to get a truffle.

Another possible way to get your hands on a truffle is to raise pigs in your farm. To be able to have pigs, you will have to upgrade to a big barn. Doing this will unlock pigs and you will be able to buy one (or more) at Marnie’s. Remember that baby pigs won’t provide you with truffles just yet. You will have to wait for your pigs to grow up. Once they are not babies anymore, they will start digging out truffles all around your farm. So from the moment you have a grown pig, you can start looking for truffles laying around somewhere around your farmland.

Once you have a truffle you will have to place it into an Oil Maker. If you do not yet have an Oil Maker you can always craft it using your crafting menu. Ingredients needed to craft an Oil Maker are:

  • 50 slimes
  • 20 hardwood
  • 1 gold bar

Oil Maker can be used to make any kind of oils, not just Truffle Oil you need for Mayor’s Quest, so it’s a useful investment.

Once you place a truffle into an Oil Maker, you will have to do some waiting, before your Truffle Oil gets ready. It may take a day or so. When the Truffle Oil is ready you can pick it up and take it to Lewis. Completing Mayor’s Need quest will reward you with 750 g.

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