Restore Community Centre: Bulletin Board Bundles

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You have to complete three Stardew Valley Community Centre bundles of your choice for Bulletin Board Bundles to appear. Completing all bundles on Bulletin Board will improve your friendship with several NPCs (by two hearts, so it’s quite a deal).

There are five different bundles you have to complete on Bulletin Board.

Chef’s Bundle

Chef’s Bundle consists of six different items, bring them all to Community Centre and you will be rewarded with 3 Pink Cakes.

  • Maple Syrup - put a tapper on a Maple tree
  • Fiddlehead Fern - forage in the Secret Woods during summer
  • Truffle - get some pigs on your farm
  • Poppy - plant Poppy Seeds and wait 7 days to harvest
  • Maki Roll - cook using your kitchen (ingredients: fish (any), seaweed, rice), if you don’t have a recipe you can buy it from Gus at Stardrop Saloon, or don’t forget to watch TV every morning
  • Fried Egg - get some eggs and use your kitchen to cook

Dye Bundle

Dye Bundle consists of six different items. Acquire them and take them to Stardew Valley Community Centre, and as a reward you will get a Seed Maker.

  • Red Mushroom - forage in the Mines, look for it in the cave next to your farm (if you chose mushrooms when Demetrius had visited you), Red Mushrooms can also be foraged in the Secret Woods during summer or fall, or if you are lucky to find a mushroom tree, you can put a tapper on it
  • Sea Urchin - forage in the beach, but Sea Urchins can only be found on the east side of the beach, meaning you will have to repair the bridge leading there first
  • Sunflower - plant Sunflower Seeds on your farm and wait 8 days. Sunflowers grow in summer or fall
  • Duck Feather - get some ducks on your farm, they will drop a feather eventually. Sometimes Duck Feather can be bought from the Travelling Cart
  • Aquamarine - go mining and look for Aquamarine Nodes, sometimes Aquamarines can be found in boxes down in the mines
  • Red Cabbage - on your second year you can buy Red Cabbage Seeds from Pierre, plant those on your farm and wait 9 days to harvest

Field Research Bundle

There are four items that you have to bring to Community Centre to complete Field Research Bundle. Completing Field Research Bundle will provide you with Recycling Machine, which is quite a useful asset in your farm. Put any kind of trash into and it will provide you with something that you will actually be able to use.

  • Purple Mushroom - look for it down in the Mines or in the cave next to your farm (if you chose mushroom option with Demetrius). If you are playing on Forest Farm Map, you can forage Purple Mushrooms in fall
  • Nautilus Shell - forage in the beach during winter
  • Chub - go fishing in the rivers, can be caught during all seasons
  • Frozen Geode - go mining, there is a chance of finding a Frozen Geode in the levels 40 to 79

Fodder Bundle

Fodder Bundle consists of only three items that you have to acquire and bring to the Community Centre. Bring everything and you will be awarded with a Heater, which you will be able to place in your coop or barn to keep the animals warm during winter. It’s a useful addition, because animals will feel better with the heater on and you will have better relationship with them, meaning higher quality products.

  • Wheat (10) - plant Wheat Seeds on your farm and wait 4 days to harvest
  • Hay (10) - use your scythe to cut grass around your farm, as you know this makes grass turn into hay and go straight to your Silo buildings. If you want to extract hay, you will have to go to your coop or barn and take out some hay as if you wanted to feed the animals
  • Apple (3) - Apple tree will bear fruit in fall. Don’t forget that trees take a whole season to fully grow, so plant a tree in advance, if you do not have one already

Enchanter’s Bundle

Enchanter’s Bundle consists of four items that you will have to bring to Stardew Valley Community Centre to complete the Bundle. The reward for completing Enchanter’s Bundle is 5 Gold Bars.

Oak Resin - put a tapper on an Oak tree

Wine - put any kind of fruit into the Keg and wait. It will produce wine

Rabbit’s Foot - get some rabbits on your farm and they will drop a Rabbit’s Foot occasionally, or you can try killing a Serpent in Skull Cavern and hope that it will drop Rabbit’s Foot, however the chance is really really small. Sometimes Rabbit’s Foot can be found on Travelling Cart, so check there if you don’t have rabbits of your own

Pomegranate - Pomegranate trees bear fruit in fall, don’t forget that any tree take a whole season to fully grow, so plant the tree in advance unless you already have one. Pomegranates can also be found in the cave next to your farm (if you chose fruit bats with Demetrius)

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