Restore Community Centre: Vault Bundles

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The Vault is a bit different from the rest of the rooms in Stardew Valley Community Centre. You will have to pay to complete each bundle. The Vault’s Bundles appear after you complete four bundles from other sections. Completing the Vault Bundles will repair the Bus Stop and now you will be able to take the bus to the Calico Dessert. However, Vault Bundles cost quite a lot. They will be hard to complete in early game. There are four bundles that together make 42 500 gold. Pay up.

  • 2 500 Bundle - pay and get a reward: 3 Chocolate Cakes
  • 5 000 Bundle - pay again and get 30 Quality Fertilizers
  • 10 000 Bundle - after purchasing this bundle you will be rewarded with a Lightning Rod, which you will be able to place somewhere on your farm, when the storm hits, look for battery Packs
  • 25 000 Bundle - purchase this bundle and you will get a Crystalarium which is extremely useful item to have. You can put any kind of gem inside and the Crystalarium will duplicate it for you, it will keep producing the same gem unless you replace it with another

Complete all the Vault Bundles and you will repair the bus stop. You will get Access to Calico Desert, which opens new opportunities for you, and Pam will get her job back!

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