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You will find your first set of Stardew Valley Community Centre bundles in the Crafts Room. When you complete all Crafts Room bundles junimos will set out to repair that broken bridge not far from the mines. After the bridge is repaired you will have access to the Quarry, and that’s pretty cool since this will let you get some rocks and minerals without having to go to the mines. Everything in the Quarry is randomly generated and new stones and minerals pop up every day.

So in order to gain access to the joys of the Quarry you have to complete all of Crafts Room bundles. Here you will find every item you need for each bundle listed as well as the information about where to find or how to get stuff that is required.

Completing each bundle will give you a reward. It is different every time but in general you are bound to get something useful.

Spring Foraging Bundle

Spring Foraging Bundle requires four items. These are quite easy to come by, if you do at least a bit of walking around in spring you will definitely find and forage everything you need to complete Spring Foraging Bundle. Just don’t forget to keep one of each of these items:

  1. Wild Horseradish - forage in spring
  2. Daffodil - forage in spring or buy from Pierre at Flower Dance for 50 g
  3. Leek - forage in spring
  4. Dandelion - forage in spring or buy from Pierre at Flower Dance for 50 g

Completing Spring Foraging Bundle will grant you a reward: 30 Spring Seeds.

Summer Foraging Bundle

Summer Foraging Bundle consists of three items. Since these are foraging items, they are easy to find.

  1. Grape - forage in summer or grow on your farm in fall
  2. Spice Berry - forage in summer or look in the cave by the farm (if Demetrius had already paid you a visit and you chose fruit bats)
  3. Sweet Pea - forage in summer

Completing Summer Foraging Bundle will grant you a reward: 30 Summer Seeds.

Fall Foraging Bundle

Fall Foraging Bundle consists of four items. All of them are foraging items, some of them can be acquired in some other ways.

  1. Common Mushroom - forage in fall anywhere, you can also find it and forage in spring in Secret Woods, look for Common Mushroom in the cave by your farm (if Demetrius had already visited you and you chose mushrooms), you can also apply a tapper onto a Mushroom tree if you will be lucky to find such a one
  2. Wild Plum - forage in fall
  3. Hazelnut - forage in fall
  4. Blackberry - forage in fall of look for it in the cave near your farm (if Demetrius had already visited you and you chose fruit bats)

Completing Fall Foraging Bundle will grant you 30 Fall Seeds.

Winter Foraging Bundle

Winter Foraging Bundle consists of four items that you will have to find and bring to Community Centre in order to complete this bundle.

  1. Winter Root - it’s quite common in winter, all you have to do is use your hoe to dig those artifact spots that look like worms sticking out of the ground, Winter Root can also be dropped by Blue Slimes in the Mines, but you will have to go to at least 41st level there
  2. Crystal Fruit - forage in winter, or kill off Dust Sprites in the Mines (you can find them in levels 41 - 79), and they might drop it
  3. Snow Yam - dig that artifact spot again in winter and you might find a Snow Yam just as often as Winter Root
  4. Crocus - forage in winter

Completing Winter Foraging bundle will reward you with 30 Winter Seeds.

Construction Bundle

Construction Bundle consists of four open slots that have to be filled with building-related items.

  1. 99 pieces of wood - chop down some trees or fallen branches that you will find laying on the ground.
  2. 99 pieces of wood - do the same again, yes.
  3. 99 pieces of stone - use your pickaxe to crush some stones.
  4. 10 pieces of hardwood - this is a bit harder to come by in an early game, you will have to chop large stumps and logs (and to do that you will have to upgrade your axe), there are some of those large pieces of wood laying around in your farm but the best way is to go to the Secret Woods, you can also get lucky in finding hardwood by smashing wooden crates down in the Mines.

After completing Construction Bundle, you will be rewarded with Charcoal Kiln which is used to convert 10 pieces of wood into 1 coal. This is useful if you ever lack coal. Never happened to me buy, hey, maybe.

Exotic Foraging Bundle

Exotic Foraging Bundle has five open slots that you will have to fill in. However there are more than five items that you can fill them with. So what you choose to put into Exotic Foraging Bundle is optional (you cannot use the same item twice, though), here are all your choices:

  1. Coconut - forage in the Desert or buy at the Oasis on Mondays (however this will cost 200 g, and coconuts are not a rarity in the Desert.
  2. Cactus Fruit - forage in the Desert or buy at the Oasis on Tuesday (150 g), Cactus Fruit can also be bought at Traveling Cart but the price is way higher almost a robbery - one Cactus Fruit can cost you up to 1 000 g.
  3. Cave Carrot - can be found by digging some ground with dirt in the Mines (levels 10 to 20), Cave Carrots can also be found in garbage cans and they sometimes are available at the Travelling Cart (but they will be overpriced)
  4. Red Mushroom - forage in the Mines level 27 and lower (but it’s a rare finding), forage in the Secret Woods during summer or fall, look for it in the your farm cave (that is if you chose mushroom option when Demetrius asked), it is sometimes possible to find it in garbage cans or buy it from Travelling Cart.
  5. Purple Mushroom - look for it in the Mines, level 82 and lower (but don’t get your hopes up), you can find it in your farm cave (if you chose mushroom option with Demetrius), or Purple Mushroom can be foraged in Fall but only if you are playing on Forest Farm Map.
  6. Maple Syrup - apply a tapper on a maple tree
  7. Oak Resin - apply a tapper on an oak tree
  8. Pine Tar - apply a tapper on a pine tree
  9. Morel - forage in the Secret Woods (Spring only), or look for it in the cave next to your farm (if Demetrius had visited you already and you chose mushrooms)

Once you complete Exotic Foraging Bundle with any five items of the above, you will get rewarded with 5 meals - Autumn’s Bounty.

All these bundles will not only give you access to the quarry but will also restore Crafts Room in Community Centre, which is getting you one step closer to restoring the whole centre.

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