Basic Tips for Stardew Valley

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When playing Stardew Valley there are several things one should know before even starting the game. Basic tips for Stardew Valley will not only  make your progress easier but also will open new opportunities to enjoy the game. Some things you just have to find out and once you do, it will improve your experience of Stardew Valley significantly.

  1. Check the TV every morning. You can learn useful things there, each program is there for a reason - check out Fortune Teller, Living of the Land and others that you’ll find there.
  2. Be aware of the time. If you want to buy things or visit someone, or attend parties, you must check the time or you’re going to be late (or early).
  3. Always Show Tool Hit Location option is what can save you a lot of energy, by showing an exact square you’re going to affect. So you can stop watering empty spaces.
  4. Be aware of the time (again!). You want to go to sleep before 2 a.m., otherwise you will just collapse wherever you are at that time, and someone will have to bring you home (they won’t do it for free).
  5. Upgrade your backpack so you can collect more things as you go. That’s really helpful!
  6. Buy seeds (you are a farmer after all), and plan ahead. Some of your seeds will require a lot of time to grow and will only bear fruit in particular season. Be aware of that.
  7. There is a calendar on Pierre’s General Store with everyone’s birthdays and events of Pelican town written on it. People love getting presents on their birthday, it’s a great way to make friends. Various quests will appear there as well, so you want to check it every now and then.
  8. Golden and silver star goods are worth more than the regular ones.
  9. Fishing is hard (especially at first!), but rewarding.
  10. Silo goes before animals. Unless you want to spend tons of money buying feed for your animals.
  11. Don’t go into the mines unprepared (bring food) and watch your health and energy bars carefully.
  12. You don’t buy Joja membership. You just don’t.

There are some more useful tips in the video below!

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