Decorating your house in Stardew Valley

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There are many items that you can decorate your house in Stardew Valley with. While some can be bought others have to be acquired during quests, digged out or claimed as rewards.

Pierre’s General Store provides wallpapers and flooring for your house. While you can buy each item separately, it’s probably more efficient to save up for the Catalogue. The Catalogue that you can place in your home, will give you unlimited access to all the wallpapers and flooring at any time.

Furniture can be bought at Carpenter’s Shop owned by Robin. Besides any kind of furniture, Robin also sells a catalogue for furniture. This Furniture Catalogue can be purchased for 200 000 g. Furniture Catalogue will grant you access to any furniture items for free at unlimited quantity.

The catalogues are a good way to go if you want to change the way your house looks frequently. However there are several special items that catalogues won’t provide you with.

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