How to change your appearance in Stardew Valley

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Even though most of us would spend way too much time customizing our characters at the beginning of any game, we may end up wishing to change the appearance of the character latter in the game. Same thing happens in Stardew Valley. Despite the fact that there are not really many ways in which you can change your character, and the pixelated graphics rob you off a lot of details, you still want to change everything that is possible to your liking.

Whatever the reason, you may want to change your appearance in Stardew Valley sooner or latter. How do you do it? First of all, become friends with the wizard. Find out what he likes, give him gifts, give him what he loves on his birthday and you will be his buddy in no time.

At least four-star friendship is a must for the wizard to start trusting you with his secrets. After reaching the sufficient friendship level with the wizard, you have to go to the room in the back of his home and go down the ladder.

You will get into a small room and find shrine of illusions there. This shrine lets you to change your appearance in Stardew Valley without starting the game anew. You can change skin, hair, shirt - same things that were optional at the beginning of the game. However, you will have to pay the price of 500 g, to be able to change anything. After customizing whatever you want, and clicking OK, you have got yourself a brand new look in the game!


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