How to make money in Stardew Valley

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Money is the key to your happiness and prosperity in Stardew Valley. No money - no fun. Insufficient funds will keep you away from upgrading your house, building farm houses, buying chickens and cows, upgrading tools and so on, not to mention that various seeds cost quite a lot. So in order to fully enjoy the game you will need to find ways how to make money, and not just a little bit but in greater amounts than you can spend.

Here are several tips that will help you to become richer in Stardew Valley. These tips are most useful at the beginning of the game, later once you master the game it will be easy for you to decide what to do and what not to do yourself.

  1. Invest in crops and actual farming. Crops make great money. And while at first watering and taking care of everything that grows on your soil may seem like a lot of work and waste of energy, it will eventually get better and easier.
  2. Save your money and buy as many strawberry seeds as possible. You can only buy strawberry seeds during egg festival in spring, but don’t forget to count the days that it takes for the strawberries to mature and produce harvest. If you plant them on the same day as you get back from the festival, you should get one strawberry harvest that same spring. However if you keep those seeds and wait for another year, you may even get two strawberry harvests. Why such a fuss about strawberry seeds? Well, simply because they are the most profitable spring crop in Stardew Valley.
  3. Invest in blueberry seeds during the summer. They are the most profitable summer crop and also keep producing berries after one harvest.
  4. Upgrade your tools, this will improve your farming efficiency, save your time and energy that you will be able to use for other activities.
  5. Autumn is for cranberries! These berries will make you quite some profit.

There are more ways of course how to make good money in Stardew Valley. You can go mining, fishing, accepting “help wanted” requests and so on, not to forget that you can invest into coop and barn and become a rancher, which is also highly profitable, however first year is not the time to think about buying animals, you will simply lack money and other resources.

Fishing a lot and selling what you have caught may also be a good strategy to earn some money. It can be extremely profitable especially when you level up and are able to catch higher quality fish.

Try these farming tips, pay attention to what happens in the game, don’t miss any opportunities to make money by completing help wanted quests and you will step out of your early game poverty.

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