Stardew Valley: Fruit, Common and Special Trees

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In the game you can grow 3 types of Trees. Fruit Trees produce fruits, which you can use, consume, sell or add to Bundle. Other – non-Fruit – Trees are divided into 2 types: Common and Special. The first one you can grow by yourself, but the other one is independent and random. All non-Fruit Trees except Palm Trees also produce resources when rapped. And, of course, all Trees without exception drop Wood being felled.

Let’s discover what Stardew Valley Trees exists!

Fruit Trees

That type of Trees produces fruits, but exclusively during certain seasons. There are 3 fruitful seasons of 2 Fruit Trees in each:


  • Apricot Tree Sapling costs 2000 gold and you can sell one basic Apricot for 50 gold.
  • Cherry Tree Sapling costs 3400 gold and you can sell one basic Cherry for 80 gold.


  • Orange Tree Sapling costs 4000 gold and you can sell one basic Orange for 100 gold.
  • Peach Tree Sapling costs 6000 gold and you can sell one basic Peach for 140 gold.


  • Apple Tree Sapling costs 4000 gold and you can sell one basic Apple for 100 gold.
  • Pomegranate Tree Sapling costs 6000 gold and you can sell one basic Pomegranate for 140 gold.

You see that full set of all Fruit Trees costs 25400 gold.

Single Fruit Tree matures in 28 days. After that Tree will produce fruits – 1 fruit per day during whole season. Wait no longer than 3 days before harvesting, because maximum capacity of Fruit Tree is 3 fruits. Despite this, Fruit Tree Saplings grow during any season, so it is good idea to start your Tree farm in advance.

Find a clear 3x3 sector to plant a Tree. Placing any object in this sector will stop Tree growing! Also sectors of separate Trees must not overlap. Simply put, you must plant every Sapling no closer than two tiles in each direction to another Sapling. Remember that ground must be untilled. You can pave this sector with floor or path in 28 days.

Finally, when Fruit Trees grew, it is time to harvest them. Fruit Trees produce basic fruits at first year, silver star fruits at second year, gold star fruits at third year and iridium star fruits at future. Keep 3x3 sector around Fruit Tree clear so it can progress further. If your Trees do not grow or fruits do not improve, simply clear surrounding area.

Here are few extra tips about Fruit Trees:

  • You do not have to water Fruit Trees or protect them in winter.
  • You can’t remove or relocate Fruit Trees, so plan your farm properly.
  • Being struck by lightning Fruit Tree becomes burnt. For following 4 days Tree becomes burnt and starts produce coal instead of fruit. After that it returns to normal state.
  • The most expensive Saplings (6000 gold) and fruits (140 gold) are Peach and Pomegranate. The least expensive is Apricot (2000 gold/50 gold).

Common Trees

It is first type of non-Fruit Trees. It grows on The Farm. You can chop Common Trees to get Wood or Seeds. All Trees always fall away from the player at left or at right. Notice that fact when you are destroying Trees near river or lake, because all items disappear in water.

Developers of Stardew Valley confirmed that Trees do not regrow. So it is recommended to remove stumps with Axe to clear space for other plants. You can seed any type of Tree on a clear 3x3 sector. Like Fruit Trees ordinary Trees won’t grow near other plants. It takes 12 days average to grow form seed stage to maturity. Minimal time is 4 days with an unlimited maximum. For Trees winter is the worst season, because they do not grow at that time.

You can also use a Trapper to get sap. There are 3 types of Trees and saps:

  • Maple Tree. Produce Maple Syrup every 7-8 days. Periodically drops Hazelnuts.
  • Oak Tree. Produce Oak Resin every 6-7 days.
  • Pine Tree. Produce Pine Tar every 4-5 days.

Special Trees

There are also 2 types of Special Trees. The answer on question «How to grow Trees?» in this case is «No way»! All depends on random.

  1. Mushroom Tree. Each fall any matured Tree can change into this type. You can chop it and get Red or Purple Mushroom. Also you can tap it and get Common Mushrooms regularly.
  2. Palm Tree. You can find this type only in The Calico Desert. Try to cut down or shake Palm Tree and get a Coconut!

Now you can make your own Fruit Tree farm and diversify playing in Stardew Valley.

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