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I have been playing Stardew Valley for some time when I showed the game to a friend. He glanced at it and then asked me quite confused: what do you like about this game? Seems rather slow and boring to me.

He has the point. At first glance, Stardew Valley may seem a bit boring. But when you are in the game for 10 minutes, you are in for life. Stardew Valley has so much inside that you cannot really capture it in a minute. It seems simple at first but the game has so much depth!

Let's get back to the beginning. I bought the game and started it for the first time. Game mechanics are pretty simple and even though there are controls that you just have to find out about on your own (or read the Stardew Valley tips), Stardew Valley is easy to understand and play. So I inherited a farm from my very dead grandpa (you will get it in three years). I’ll be a farmer then, I suppose. Sowing my first seeds. Farming is fun. Wait. I got my first fishing rod. Fishing is hard. Screw fishing. I’m a farmer anyway. But I still want to try and catch a fish. Well okay. Got a fish. Can i do it again? Yup. Fishing is getting more fun. And rewardable. I wanna be a fisherman. Wait. There are mines here? Okay, I’ll try going to the mines tomorrow. ...*spends time at the mines*... Screw fishing and farming. I wanna be a miner. Wait. My crops are ready to harvest? Wait. I can get animals? Quests? And that is how you start an infinite loop of playing Stardew Valley (at least, that’s how it was for me). You just want to be good at everything in this game. Every activity you can do if fun an engaging and has a lot of details and depth packed in.

(I introduced my friend to fishing in Stardew Valley)

Telling everything you can do and find in stardew valley would be spoiling. Cold heartedly spoiling the joy of finding those little things by yourself in time. That’s why I don’t want to say too much about this game. It’s heart-warming and relaxing. A bit melancholic RPG, but cheerful and entertaining. You just can’t be sad while playing Stardew Valley, peaceful and relaxing atmosphere will get to you and kick sadness away.

Going back to the question, what do I like about Stardew Valley? Honestly, I have no idea. Is it the graphics, the gameplay, endless amount of nice details? I don’t know. Stardew Valley is just irresistibly awesome.

By the way, my friend is a Stardew Valley addict now.

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