What happens if you get Joja membership in Stardew Valley?

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If you are playing Stardew Valley, you have probably wondered what happens if you get Joja membership. Now let's assume you’re not the monster and you haven’t bought it. You have to be really cruel to buy Joja membership in Stardew Valley. Like really really sick and cruel. You probably are not (or are you? I hate you if you are).

The benefits of Joja membership are:

Well, there aren’t any benefits. You have to pay more. Community center gets destroyed. Evil bastards control Pelican town. When you complete all the Joja membership quests (meaning, you have to pay a lot), you get a vending machine, as a reward of being so loyal to Joja. The vending machine provides you with a Joja cola every morning (totally worth it, right?).

Since there are literally no benefits of getting Joja membership in Stardew Valley except for satisfied curiosity, there’s a video below showing you what happens, so you don’t have to have remorse in the game.

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