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You might have heard about summoning, but do you know what it is exactly? Trust us, there’s more to it than you might expect, that’s why we recommend diving in deep to this Terraria summoner guide and reading all about this skill/technique/method to learn all about it and use it to your advantage and more fun.

First of all, summon is a way to deal damage using minions and items / weapons that you have summoned, so a summoner is a player that uses this technique to fight and defeat his or hers opponents. You can be a pure summoner and use only summon to play through or just incorporate summoning in to the menu. Specifically, summon damage is the damage that your minions succeed in dealing to your opposition. There are a ton of creatures (minions) and items to use in a summoner’s playthrough, but now we’re only going to focus on the most crucial ones and give you the necessary knowledge in a form of a guide.

Start out by getting familiar with your weapons and attacks. The best asset of summoning is that you can attack through walls, unlike any other forms of attacks, by simply summoning the minions at the required destination. Your distance that you keep towards the minions is also very important as they all have a leash stat – a certain distance, that you have to be in range of in order to have the minion effective, if you exceed the range, the minion is just going to follow and go towards you until they find you. Although they are very very OP if done through walls or if you think of something witty and enclose someone in a cage/box with a minion, they lack the powerful AI and independence. Minions are kind of lacking in the “head department”, but compensate for it in devotion and efforts.

Some items a summoner should consider using are:

  • Spooky armor, which increases minion damage by 25%
  • Pumpkin Moon Medallion to summon the Pumpkin Moon to have better and stronger monsters, more experience and points.
  • Raven Staff, summons a raven to attack your enemies
  • Necromantic Scroll – 1 more possible minion and minion damage gets a bump by 10%

For what it’s worth, these items will considerably increase your progress and move you up the food chain of Terraria. There are guides that constrict you with only a certain items and builds for the summoner, but we don’t want to do that. We want to give you the understanding and knowledge about summoning in general, along with some guidelines and allow you to figure out how to be the most effective.

Take care!

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