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Far Cry 4 is a First Person action and adventure game that finds you playing as Ajay Ghale, a Kyrati-American who finds himself in Kyrat, tracing the footsteps on his dead mother. On the way he meets Pagan Min, the main antagonist of the story. Ajay spends most of the story fighting for the Golden Path – a rebel group dedicated to fighting against the crazy oppression of Pagan Min. During the game you can play out the campaign missions – the main story, be loyal to Golden Path and get your shot at Pagan Min. There are two leaders of the Golden Path – Sabal and Amita. They often have different takes on certain problems and also different solutions, you, as Ajay have to pick a side. This introduces a dynamic where one character might reward you for your help and the other could turn on you, see how it plays out by starting a new game and taking a different route. In addition to the great story missions, there are a ton of side quests, a mish mosh of tasks that are all over the map. Assassinations, rescuing, collecting and finding – they are all for you to explore. Then there is also the special Shangri-La missions that take you inside a magical world of mysticism and harmony where you explore and find your inner self.


We will provide you with a video that shows a full walkthrough of Far Cry 4. Hope you enjoyed and stay right here at gamespedition to get more information about Far Cry 4.


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