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As mentioned in our Far Cry 4 guide, FC4 has a lot of missions, but since there are a lot of them, we decided to gather a list of all of the available story and side missions in Far Cry 4 – enjoy.

Act 1

  • Border crossing (intro)

  • Dinner with Pagan (another cinematic scene)

  • Escape the Compound

  • Reach the Bell Tower

  • Propaganda Machine

  • The Wolves Den

  • Return To Sender

  • Hostage Negotiation

  • Incursion (Winning the Khilana Bazaar Outpost)

Act 2

  • Meet Hurk

  • 1’st power choice option

    • Amita: Hunt or Be Hunted

    • Sabal: Rebel Yell

  • A Cultural Exchange

  • Sermon on the Mount

  • 2’nd power choice option

    • Amita: Reclamation

    • Sabal: Burn it Down

  • Bhadra (Cutscene, but you’re going to have to watch it in order to progress)

  • The Mouth of Madness

  • The Sleeping Saints

  • City of Pain

  • 3’rd power choice option

    • Amita: Advanced Chemistry

    • Sabal: Basic Chemistry

  • Shoot the messenger

  • The Protector’s Arrival (From Yogi & Reggie to Shangri-La)

  • Free Willis

  • Kill or Be Killed

  • Death from Above


  • Don’t look Down

  • A Key to The North

  • Truth & Justice

  • Payback

  • 4’th power choice option

    • Amita: Culture Wars

    • Sabal: Cease and Desist

      • Amita’s mission (If she was determined to be your choice for the 4’th mission): The Valley of Death

      • Sabal’s mission (If he was determined to be your choice for the 4’th mission): Take Cover

  • To Reap What you Sow

  • Ashes to Ashes

  • Dinner at the Palace (Confront Pagan Min and choose the ending)

As you play out the story, most of the things are common for all players, but the thing that makes the story unique – power balance choices. You have to decide whether to side with Amita or Sabal. These choices impact your future so choose wisely.

Side Quests



There are a ton of side quests: “Eye for an eye”, “Assassinations”, Hunting Control and many others. Watch the video to see them completed. There are also Shangri-La missions, Yogi and Reggie, Longinus and Hurk missions that all are unique and separate. Do them to find full satisfaction out of playing FC4.

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