Crafting in Far Cry 4

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Crafting, just like the skills section (you can read about the skills in Far Cry 4 right here) is a crucial part of the game, providing some RPG elements to it. You can either craft potions and syringes from plants or craft wallets, holster, backpacks from animal hides and skins. In order to avoid having to empty your backpack too often or not having enough cash for purchases – you must have knowledge about crafting. In this guide we’ll give you the right knowledge about Far Cry 4’s crafting mechanics and how to better use your skills to improve everything. So without further hesitation, let’s have a look:

  • Animal skin can be damaged if the finishing blow to the animal was done by a grenade or with fire.

  • Killing an animal with a knife or a bow is going to reward with twice the amount of hides.

  • Use bait (read about it on our bait article) to attract predators who are in hiding.

  • Choose an upgrade and go for it by searching the animal, which’s skin you need, because just roaming and random hunting won’t get you nowhere. BUT, if you encounter animals along your way, hunt them down, it’s not time wasting, you can sell their skins for cash to earn a nice profit and get some fun items.

  • To fully complete your crafting and get each and every item you’re going to need

    • 6x Tibetan Wolf Skins

    • 7x Malayan Tapir Skins

    • 3x Honey Badger Skins

    • 4x Bharal Skins

    • 3x Assasm Macaque Skins

    • 6x Asian Rhino Skins

    • 8x Sambar Skins

    • 3x Pig Skins

    • 4x Demon Fish Skins

    • 4x Wild Boar Skins

    • 5x Dhole Skins

    • 8x Bear Skins

    • 5x Yak Skins

    • 4x Clouded Leopard Skins

    • 7x Bengal Tiger Skins

    • 7x Snow Leopard Skins

That’s not counting rare and exotic animal skins (Kyrat Fashion Week). So to fully upgrade you’re going to need 84 animal skins which is a lot of miles to travel, a lot of bullets to shoot and a lot of time spent for waiting. Hunting and crafting are closely connected so read gamespedition’s article about hunting in FC4, combine it with the knowledge of crafting and you got yourself a match made in heaven.

When it comes to plants and syringes, there are 5 in total:

  • Health – requires 2 green plants and replenishes 2 to 6 health bars.

  • Hunting – requires 1 blue and 1 red plant and wakes Ajay’s instincts up by highlighting all enemies and animals on the mini map and screen. After upgrading it you move silently and animals won’t attack unless provoked.

  • Survival – requires 1 yellow and 1 red plant, Ajay becomes more immune to melee attacks and after upgrading it, you take less damage from bullets.

  • Focus – requires 1 blue and 1 yellow plant, player can run, swim faster, hold breath longer and after upgrading, the character becomes harder to hit when in motion

  • Overdose – requires 1 purple plant and 1 silver plant, Ajay can endure more damage and it is nullified for the period of ~30 seconds.

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