How long is Bioshock Infinite?

To speculate on the length of the game you need to know a lot of things. For example, how often is the player drawn to explore, roam around, enjoy the scenery or whether on what difficulty he or she plays. If the difficulty settings are easier and the player has previous experience it might take him a significantly shorter amount of time to progress and eventually complete the game’s story, but for the sake of this article let’s take a regular Medium difficulty, no previous experience gameplay. If you barely explore, you might finish it in UNDER 9 HOURS, but if you choose to explore a lot and browse through each and every corner, the length might exceed 14 hours.

Although the current world record of speedrunning is 1:43:14, but keep in mind that these speedruns are done with players who know the game inside and out. With numerous repetitions and muscle memory being key factors. But hey, maybe you could beat the record yourself.


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