BioShock Infinite characters

Besides the protagonist – Booker Dewitt, there are many supporting characters in BioShock Infinite that complete the story and add many unique features to the game’s story and create a unique vibe that only BioShock series can be proud of. To get to know the protagonist – B.Dewitt, read our article on him specifically. This article is going to be focused around surrounding characters and their biographies.



Elizabeth is 19 or 20 years old during the time of BioShock Infinite. She’s the cause of Bookers arrival to Rapture and she has been held captive in Columbia ever since her infancy. Captured and imprisoned in a tower, Elizabeth is being protected by Songbird and escapes his protection only when Booker arrives. She accompanies him during his battle and also Elizabeth has the ability to manipulate tears, in other words jump to other dimensions and points in time. She follows Booker and during the ending, Elizabeth acts as the person explaining everything about what just happened. As a person she is caring, curious and good at heart.

Daisy Fitzroy


Daisy Fitzroy is the cold-hearted leader of Vox Populi, a rebel group fighting against the oppressive Comstock cult. Jeremiah Fink brought Daisy to Columbia and firstly she admired Lady Comstock and was in tune with the daily routine of things. After she was framed with the killing of Lady Comstock, she formed Vox Populi and set her goals to destroy the Founders and end Comstock’s regime.

Zachary Hale Comstock