BioShock Infinite songbird

Songbird is a mechanical beast that puts fear in the hearts of Colombian citizens. It is an extremely powerful character that has lots of influence and potential. He guards Elizabeth until she is freed by Booker. Throughout the game you can find hints and nods at the making of Songbird. Blueprints can be found making the fact that it was made by Fink Industries obvious. He is similar in mechanical terms to Big Daddy. Eyes that change color depending on the mood, hostility towards the main characters, outsiders, metal talons as weapons, immense size and lots of strength, speed make it one of the most feared enemies in the game. It was created just for the purpose of keeping Elizabeth in the tower and thus became the legend that everyone feared. It brought Elizabeth books, drinks and other commodities and while some might consider it a tyrant and a imprisoner, it was actually taking good care of her. During her childhood she saw Songbird as a friend and a companion and only after a while realized that it is holding her in captivity. You occasionally encounter Songbird and have to fight him, but since it boasts overwhelming power you spend more time running rather than fighting it. Check out the Songbird activity in BioShock with the video link provided below. Hope you enjoyed the article. Until next time!


Published in Bioshock Infinite

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