BioShock Infinite collectibles

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The game’s beautiful world – the flying airborne city of Colombia has hundreds of scattered items out of which, 141 are in-game collectibles.

80 Voxophones: a voxophone is a voice recorder that has a hidden voice message in it from the citizens of Colombia. It’s usually their thoughts and ideas. They help you better understand some of the ideas behind the city itself, its people and immerse yourself in the story. After collecting all 80 of them, you get the achievement “Eavesdropper”.

11 telescopes: just like in real life, these sets of binocular looking telescopes help you observe objects and buildings from a far. Use them all to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Colombia and to get the “Sightseer” achievement.

30 kinetoscopes: kinetoscopes are devices that contain silent films. Although silent, they’re accompanied by suiting music and they’re usually of propaganda type. They are a collectible and along with the 11 telescopes, you must see all of the movies in order to get the “Sightseer” achievements. While voxophones are stored in your inventory, kinetoscopes need to be revisited.

24 Infusion Upgrades: check out our article dedicated to infusions to find more about them.

A video provided below is going to help you find all of these collectibles to earn these achievements.


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