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Handyman is an archetypal enemy that serves the Founders and fight Booker. These mechanical beasts were created by Autobodies firm to help disabled, sick or injured citizens to regain their vitality and to live on. Not all is well though as they had to be fitted in to these mechanical bodies that made them disproportionate and side effects caused severe psychological or physical problems for the costume wearers. One handyman in particular seems fearful of the crowd that’s looking at him, while in combat Booker Dewitt hears them quote time and time again that they feel great pain and can’t sleep, showing and proving that the advertisements for the Autobody aren’t true. To some extent you might believe that some of these people were forced in to the Autobody against their will. Handyman’s fighting prowess emerges as their uncontrollable acts of rage occur, during them they can harm anyone and anything that seems threatening.

Their similar to Big Daddies in a way that it is a human, mechanically attached to a large metal, mechanical suit that transforms them in to a powerful fighting machine. There are also two types of Handymen, ones that serve the founders and others who serve Vox Populi.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our brief presentation of the handyman. For more information about BioShock Infinite just scroll gamespedition.


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