Bioshock Infinite Big Daddy

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Big daddies are genetically modified humans who are put inside of these large diving suits and they serve little sisters as their protectors. They communicate by the sounds they make, similar to whales. Also a key feature is the color that a Big Daddy is displaying. Green means that he is friendly and hypnotized – no harm. Yellow shows awareness and alert, yet indifference towards the environment, but shoving close by people will happen. And finally red means rage and anger towards the threatening people and now Big Daddy is going to do everything to protect his Little Sister.

Big daddy only appear in BioShock Infinite’s: Burial at Sea DLC. They are only an episodic character here and serve as a symbol and a nod towards the greatness of the first games and the memorability of them embedded in to the gamer’s memories. In this DLC Bouncer could use the drill as a grappling hook to get closer to his enemies. But mostly they are characters from Bioshock 1 and BioShock 2 and serve only a symbolic purpose. Although you occasionally fight them in the DLC, they aren’t as frequent here.

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