Fallout: New Vegas NCR Ranger Combat Armor Guide

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NCR has one of the coolest armors in the game, yet you may not agree with their philosophy and their geopolitical presence. Still, that armor is almost ten times baller than any other armor in the game, but, is the sacrifice of your characters ideology worth the price of the item? Probably not. But is worth killing NCR ranger and getting on the bad side of the NCR just because of it? Probably not too. BUT. There is a way. With a little metagame you can get that combat armor in no time. First, what you have to do is, pop that pip-boy and go to NRC's Camp Forlorn Hope. The map marker is at the east-most part of the map. If you haven't discovered it yet, it is a little bit to the north of the “Brotherhood of Steel Bunker” map marker, which will appear on your pip-boy since the beginning of the game. When you get there (or fast-travel to the place) turn to your left and you will see a bunch of camps and a guard post which is guarded by a NCR ranger. Sadly, he won't make it. Climb on guard post and click the E button on the NCR ranger to get his attention. Repeat the clicking and start pushing him off of the guard post by running into him. Push him to the cliff, which is next to the guard post. Then, push him off of it. The fall will kill him. When you climb down, you'll notice his corpse, his sniper gun and his combat armor lying down for the taking. Well, don't take the corpse though, that would be sick. And there you go. You got yourself a slick looking NCR combat armor, a sniper, guilt and politically-free method of taking something that belongs to a character who is standing next to a strategically(?) placed cliff. NOTE: NCR Rangers will begin to spawn only at a certain part of the main story-line, so look for dialogue that indicates that.

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