How to Mod Fallout: New Vegas

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Games from Fallout series are cool, really. But fans are insane, so they decided to make them even better. Tons of unofficial modifications are on the Internet, just find them. This guide will help you to deal with mods for New Vegas and install them without problems. Basic info is useful for newcomers who don’t know what mods are yet. Next paragraphs provide main utilities for comfortable modding. Finally, the last section is the list of best modifications for the game.

Let’s begin our journey to new missions, items, odd heroes, and gameplay changes.

Basic info

The first thing you should remember is this link: It’s Nexus, the place where wonderful modifications are. We like it, so suggest using this resource. To download mods there, you will need an account which is totally free. Nexus features are described below in details. But for now, let’s reveal some basic things.

Mods are packages which contain files similar to games’ ones. Files from mods replace original features or add some new ones. All New Vegas’ files are located in the Data folder which is located in the main directory. To activate a mod you should simply unpack it from an archive to the Data folder accepting all replacements. It’s extremely important to create backups of all replaced files to be able to restore the original game in case of any bugs or glitches.

Get familiar with extensions of common datasets which you will find in mods:

  • .bsa – these are big archives that contain files related to graphics and sounds.
  • .esm – these are basic files which control all content, so New Vegas has its own one.
  • .esp – these are minor control files for certain types of content.

Well, the main principle of modding is really simple. Files from certain mod replace original files to change certain feature like backgrounds or music. Mods also can add completely new features like equipment or even entire locations, quests, and campaigns. But anyway, all new files should be moved to the Data folder to be activated.

Mod Manager

Of course, you can install all modifications manually but this strategy requires a lot of attention and various backups. There is another way. You only should find a manager, a specific soft which organizes, installs and uninstalls all new datasets.

Do you remember about Nexus? This site offers its own manager called, surprisingly, Nexus Mod Manager or NMM. It works not only with New Vegas but with various other games. NMM is really useful and comfortable, so we suggest using it for all available mods. Download it here:

Once you’ve installed NMM, you are ready to activate modifications! We claim that Nexus is cool, so look for files there. Obviously, it’s much easier to use both soft and mods obtained from the same source. So, all files for the game are here, in the related category of Nexus:

Hope, you are registered and logged already. If no, do it. Now you can explore the list of datasets and download best ones. Open the mod page and download it with NMM, there will be the specific button for this action. Surely, you can get the mod simply as an archive but native Nexus manager facilitates the process of installing greatly. So, the mod will appear in the list of all modifications in NMM. Tap its name twice to activate it. Ready! Your mod is installed.

Also, it’s possible to add files obtained from other sources. Unpack them to the certain folder and remember this location. Then open Package Manager in NMM and tap Add Mod or something like this. Find your folder and add it. Finally, you can install the mod manually without NMM. This action is necessary for old mods which aren’t supported by this manager. To do it, simply move new files to the Data folder of the game.

There’s another important thing you should remember. We talk about load order. Some mods affect others, e.g. specific equipment can be found only in related locations which are added by other mods. So, basic mods should be loaded before affected ones. Here are other rules related to load order:

  • .esm files are basic ones, so load them before .esp ones.
  • Some files are system ones, so you shouldn’t load them at all.
  • Certain mods are basic platforms for various other files, so load such basic mods firstly.
  • Different datasets can conflict with each other, so explore their pages carefully.
  • You can avoid crashes by disabling mods one by one to reveal which files are buggy.

And here’s the most significant thing. Read descriptions and text files attached to each mod. These texts contain all warnings, possible conflicts, features, instructions etc. Spend some time to avoid any problems with mods.

Script Extender

If you are going to get a lot of mods, this soft is necessary. Best mods with big files and significant changes require Script Extender, so we suggest downloading it as fast as possible. Note that this program must be activated manually in the separated folder, not the one where all other new datasets are. So, here is the algorithm for installing this soft:

  1. Download the freshest build for your system through
  2. Unpack the downloaded archive and copy all files inside.
  3. Paste these files into the basic directory of your game, not the Data folder.
  4. Run NMM and tap Launch NVSE in the drop-down list beside the main button.

That’s all. Script Extender is activated, so now you can use hundreds of mods without glitches. Don’t forget about possible file conflicts.

Best mods

Finally, let’s look at wonderful mods created by fans:

  • Project Nevada. Probably, the most complex mod. It is divided into a few parts which you can activate separately. The mod affects basic statistics, implants, builds of characters, equipment, etc. Normally, it makes the game harder to beat.


  • Project Brazil. Extremely detailed and totally free DLC which features the new protagonist with its own story, new confrontations between super mutants, raiders and NCR, new followers, and places. This one is really great!


  • The Inheritance. Another free DLC with the main storyline and a lot of side missions, evolving dungeons, tons of dialogues, and intriguing plot. Be ready for violent encounters, battles, monsters, and various cool new features.


  • New Vegas Bounties. More storylines! This mod invites you to join the hunting for dregs of society including drug addicts, cannibals, raiders, and other wonderful targets. All of them are ready to confront you, so be careful!


  • Nipton Rebuilt. This city is destroyed by legionaries during the original story. But with this modification, you can rebuild Nipton and even become its mayor! Add new locations, invite settlers, and protect your whole city.


  • Wasteland Defense. If Nipton isn’t enough for you built your own fortress. This mod allows creating the real well-protected location with walls, turrets, and guardians. It also brings a mini-game in tower-defense style.


  • Mobile Truck Base. Here is another home for the Courier. It’s located in the truck with beds, workbenches, cases, and lockers. What’s wonderful that you can activate fast-travel option inside this base!


  • Weapons Mod Expanded. The cool mod which allows you to enhance your guns. This idea is borrowed from Fallout 4 but it’s really wonderful. Now it’s easy to boost weapons with sights, stocks, mufflers etc.


  • NMCs Texture Pack for New Vegas. Hands down the coolest dataset for graphics. It replaces almost all textures with HD ones. The Wasteland becomes bright and sharp.


  • Nevada Skies. Interesting mod for all who love weather. It adds 320 variants of clear skies, clouds, storms, rains, and snow. There are various weather effects as well.


  • Fellout NV. This minor mod removes this strange green filter. Thus, the Mojave becomes more colorful, bright, and deserted.


  • Essential Visual Enhancements. This one improves all animations, especially battle-related ones. Fire looks really wonderful with this modification.


  • FNV Realistic Wasteland Lighting + The ENB of the Apocalypse. Essential datasets to make the Mojave more photorealistic. These may require more memory.

Links: +

Also, you want to download mods which remove bugs, make the game more stable, and protect it from crashes. All such files are available through Nexus. Mod the game and enjoy it!

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