Fallout New Vegas Infinite XP Glitch

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Fallout New Vegas, sadly, has a not so stable game engine and it is susceptible to bugs and glitches. Some may break the game, some may improve it. With this one, you can get infinite XP. It is up to you to decide if this glitch breaks the game or improves it, we’re just here to show you how to do it.

First, get to the good ole Goodsprings, the start point of the game. If you resolved the Goodsprings problem with Powder Gangers, that’s too bad because the main prerequisites for this glitch to work is unfinished/not started Goodsprings “Ghost Town Gunfight” quest and 25 Speech skill. If you meet the prerequisites and want to glitch out some XP, what you first have to do is go to Joe Cobb. Joe Cobb, who is leaning next to a building on the right of the road heading north, will greet you in a harsh manner. Choose the “help” options, and agree to help him and Powder Gangers to overtake the Goodsprings. He’ll ask you to deal with Ringo. Go to a garage where Ringo is hiding. Without any questions, just shoot him. After doing that, come back to Joe Cobb and inform him of your success. After, he’ll ask you to ask for some help from some Goodsprings residents, but instead of doing that, just kill him and any Powder Gangers that are hovering around him. Now, taking Joe Cobb’s  advice on asking for help, go to Doc’s house and ask for any spare medical supplies he might have for the “yet to happen” gunfight. Spam the dialogue choices and ka-ching -- you got yourself an infinite XP glitch. For some variety, you might go to Chet instead of Doc, he in turn will give you XP and ammo. The ammo could be sold for caps, so in a way, you got yourself an infinite XP and ammo glitch.

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