Fallout 4: How to catch and tame a Deathclaw

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Bethesda has just released a new DLC for Fallout 4 called “Wasteland Workshop”. Besides offering a nifty amount items for your Settlements, one of the more fun and exciting things that you can do

now is capture and tame a Deathclaw. That’s right, a freaking Deathclaw! And today, we’ll teach you just how to do that. You’ll need “Wasteland Workshop” DLC. There are no level perquisites.

To begin with, open your Settlement Workshop. Select Cages in your workshop menu. Now select Large Cages, because you know, those things are hellishly big. Choose a Deathclaw Cage and place it in your settlement boundaries. Before powering your cage up, select Miscellaneous tab and place a Beta Wave Emitter next to you cage. Beta Wave Emitter allows us to tame our Deathclaw, and it blocks any of its urges to rip you into shreds. He can do that. Easily. After, select Power tab and place a generator of your choice next to your Large Cage. By pressing Attach Wire button, attach wires from generator to your Beta Wave Emitter and your Large Deathclaw Cage. Now you’ll wait. An in game week or sometimes less is enough for Deathclaw to appear caught in your cage. If you want to skip all the waiting, find or place a bad nearby, sleep in it and after a while, you’ll see that your cage is closed and making some horrific noises. Inside you’ll find a big surprise. But thanks to our Beta Wave Emitter we’re safe. Open the Deathclaw Cage by removing the wire from your cage and your generator. And there you go, you have your own Deathclaw. Besides rocking a walking menace stroll, Deathclaw also provides 10 points of Defense to your settlement. Let the raiders come en masse!

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