How to get the Alien Blaster - Fallout 4

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One of the more famous weapons in Fallout 3 make a return in Fallout 4. We’re going to show you how to get the Alien Blaster. What you need to do first is reach the level 15 to get the required Alien Ship event. After you reach level 15, get to the Beantown Brewery. Once you reach it, head south. Using settlement map icon as guide, face it. The map will show that you’re facing towards the west. Make a 180 and turn east. Head there and on your way you’ll see a crashed alien ship. Around the area of it, you’ll see green blood splatter around it. Follow the blood trail, and you’ll find a cave. Inside of it you’ll find an alien, who unfortunately, is going to attack you. Kill him and loot him. You’ll find the Alien Blaster and around 450 ammo cells for it. Blast away your enemies with your new alien gun!

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