Get the Cryolator - Fallout 4

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You wish you could’ve taken that Cryolator when you first emerged from the vault, huh? Fret no further, because today we’ll teach you how to get the Cryolator. What you need to do first is get Dogmeat. He’s always by the Red Rocket when you first meet him. After meeting him, take him to the Vault 111 – the vault you emerged from. Get in the Vault 111, and when you’re in it, run to the Overseers office. To left of it you’ll see a case with a Cryolator in it. To get it, press E on Dogmeat and command him to “Fetch” you an item. Dogmeat will automatically bypass the lock of the case and he’ll “fetch” you the Cryolator, the item you could only get by taking specific level perks and spending hours in the wastes. It’s not done yet – Cryolator needs ammo. When Dogmeat fetched you the Cryolator, he got Cryolators ammo. Talk to him, and by “Trade” command take all the ammo for the new and cool weapon you just got. Have a breeze day!


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