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This article will cover all aspects of Tenpenny Tower mission from Fallout 3. However, the title also refers to the building in the Capital Wasteland where this quest takes action. So, we will shortly describe Tenpenny Tower building as well.

The first thing you should note is that this tower can be your home! Just destroy Megaton during The Power of Atom mission to gain access to your apartments. This suite looks more stylish and more pathetic than your Megaton’s rooms. Here you will find a unique Mister Handy called Godfrey who can purify water, make your haircut and even tell jokes. Apartments can be improved and decorated. And, yeah, this suite has a balcony with wonderful view. Just don’t forget that you have to blow up the entire city to move here.

Well, it’s only your business. Now we want to guide you through the quest!

Mission start

We suggest completing A Manhandled Manservant mission before diving into our story as it can be unavailable after certain endings of the described mission.

Anyway, just find Gustavo or Roy who is located at Tenpenny Tower or in Warrington Tunnels, respectively. Ghouls led by Roy want to move into this luxury building but rich citizens don’t want to admit such neighbors. Mr. Tenpenny, the leader of humans, looks for adventurers who are ready to kill post-humans, as well. You can find the first location west of D.C. ruins and south of Evergreen Mills. Tunnels are located slightly southwest of this tall building. The mission can be started in any of these places.

Roy Philips

One way or another, you will face Roy, the leader of mutants. If the mission was started after meeting with Gustavo, you will get a weapon to kill your targets. Otherwise, you can simply enter tunnels and talk with ghoul Phillips. Note that killing this NPC and his mates is the only way to keep citizens of the hotel alive.

Here are possible options for killing post-humans:

  • With the loss of karma.

Simply eliminate everybody in tunnels whenever you want. It’s possible to murder only Roy near the gates after scripted scene. You still must start the mission via dialogue with Gustavo and slay other mutants in tunnels.

  • Without the penalty.

You should insult Roy or his followers to make them hostile. The key is they will attack you first, so you will only defend and will not lose karma. Provoking targets by interacting with wild ghouls works fine too. You can eliminate them with Mister Sandman perk at night.

After slaying all intelligent ghouls the mission will end. You only have to talk with friend Gustavo to receive rewards: 500 or 700 caps if you successfully passed a check.

Ghoul invasion

However, you can cooperate with ghouls instead of killing them. Firstly speak with Roy, then come to Allistair and ask him for service. The man claims that he cannot let mutants in until certain citizens agree with this decision. Here is the list of these residents:

  • Susan Lancaster.
  • Lydia Montenegro.
  • Edgar Wellington II.
  • Millicent Wellington.
  • Anthony Ling.

The most straightforward way to deal with them is to murder your targets but this leads to the great penalty. Use Mister Sandman perk to slay tenants without penalty if you chose this way. However, there are other options.

At first, you can speak with all of the citizens and convince them. This requires a high level of Speech, although. The second way is to manipulate citizens. For this, find the letter in Susan’s apartments and deliver it to Mrs. Millicent. The woman will kill Susan and her husband and escape from the building. Lydia and Anthon can be expelled after stealing their shop goods and revealing this fact to owners.

Otherwise, you can put mutants into the hotel without permission of citizens. Grab the keys to the service room from Mr. Dashwood or your mate Gustavo. The desired room is located on the back side of the hotel. An armed invasion leads to the killing of all humans inside, you should know this fact. However, even a peaceful solution will lead to a conflict between mutants and peaceful residents, and the latter will be eliminated.

The big boss will give you 500 caps for dealing with tenants. Roy will also grant you ghoul mask that turns all such mutants in your friends. There is a way to get more loot and XP. Firstly eliminate all humans inside the building, take their items and explore shops. Then come to Roy and let post-humans in the desired location. This way allows you to buy items in shops looted before. For example, you can get a pair of unique schematics of the dart gun!

The mission ends here. Apartments will be available anyway, don’t worry.

Tenpenny Tower building

In conclusion, here are a few words about the building itself. You can find it in the southwest section of the map, west of Andale, southwest of Megaton and Fort Independence, southeast of Girdershade. This building is pretty noticeable, so just look for a large tall tower designed in the pre-War style. According to its history, Tenpenny Tower was a luxury hotel for rich people… Now it’s well-protected home for the same rich people.

The only legal way to infiltrate into this location is to complete The Power of Atom mission in favor of Mr. Tenpenny. Means, you should destroy Megaton. However, there is a large section of ruined wall on the west side of the hotel. Use large rocks to jump over the fence and gain access to the territory. Then you can find guards near the main entrance and they will open the gate! Explore this building even if you don’t have apartments here for free.

Hope, you will beat this mission without significant problems. Good luck!  

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