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In the dangerous world of Fallout 3, the Lone Wanderer needs loyal followers. Developers realize it, so players can hire some cool boys and girls during their adventures. These followers are better known as companions. There are 8 permanent teammates including humans, ghouls, a super mutant, a robot and a dog. Also, there are 11 temporary companions that can escort you only during specific quests.

Below we will describe each companion along with basics of their in-game mechanics.

Permanent companions

These folks will follow the protagonist after hiring full time. However, they cannot travel to add-on locations and returns home in this case. No more than two mates at the same time including Dogmeat and any other NPC can follow you. Means, there can be just one unique companion beside your dog. To invite most of the partners to the team you should meet specific karma requirements. Charon and Dogmeat are available regardless of your karma.

Let’s describe each companion at first:

  • Butch DeLoria.

Butch is a native of Vault 101 as well as the former leader of the vault’s gang called Tunnel Snakes. This man is mean and sneaky, but he is from the same vault as the main hero. As a companion, Butch DeLoria is the weakest one, however, he only has the Unarmed skill.

Hiring options: finish the Trouble on the Homefront quest, keep Butch alive and deprive the Overseer of power. Then reach The Muddy Rudder which is in Rivet City where Butch is.

Finding options: after firing Butch DeLoria will come back to The Muddy Rudder where you can hire him again. Just be sure that you have enough karma.

Karma level: neutral.

  • Charon.

Charon is a ghoul that lives in Underworld. He is a professional soldier and bodyguard of the local bartender. Charon never sleeps, talks little and follows anybody who holds his contract. This companion has a pretty powerful weapon, Combat Shotgun.

Hiring options: receive Charon’s agreement from his master. You can kill another ghoul called Greta during the Hired Help quest or simply pay caps.

Finding options: after firing, Charon will come back to The Ninth Circle in Underworld. Re-hiring is available anytime with any karma level.

Karma level: none.

  • Clover.

Clover is a slave and prostitute in Paradise Falls. The girl was threatened a lot, so now she does everything that her master orders. The protagonist can buy Clover for 1000 or 500 caps depending on the level of Barter skill. Clover is familiar with most weapons.

Hiring options: Find Eulogy Jones which is in Paradise Falls. If you meet requirements you can pay for Clover, but you cannot free her by killing her master.

Finding options: after firing the girl will return to Paradise Falls even if this location was destroyed by the protagonist. The girl can be hired again without karma check or additional fee.

Karma level: evil.

  • Dogmeat.

Dogmeat is a dog that can be encountered fighting with several raiders. This dog is pretty clever as he can search ammo and other collectibles. Dogmeat obviously cannot wear armor or use any items but he can be healed through dialogue window.

Hiring options: visit the Scrapyard northwest of Vault 101. You should kill hostile raiders and then hire Dogmeat by talking to him.

Finding options: as Dogmeat cannot be actually fired, he will just wait near Vault 101. He also will wait near Vault 101 after long periods of search.

Karma level: none.

  • Fawkes.

Fawkes is a super mutant from Vault 87 who didn’t lose his inner humaneness and civility. He is the coolest companion as he has the largest health pool, can carry up to 230 lbs and holds powerful weapons.

Hiring options: finish the Finding the Garden of Eden quest in Vault 87 and free Fawkes from his prison. Then accept him as your follower after the American Dream quest.

Finding options: after firing, Fawkes will wait in the Museum of History which is in Underworld. To hire or re-hire hum you must have enough karma.

Karma level: good.

  • Jericho.

Jericho is a former raider and veteran of numerous battles. He lives in Megaton serving as another guardian of the city. Despite his age, Jericho dreams about returning to the Wasteland but want to find somebody who will sponsor him.

Hiring options: find Jericho in Moriarty’s Saloon in Megaton, talk to him and pay caps. In this way, Jericho can be saved from the destruction of the city.

Finding options: after firing he will come back to Moriarty’s Saloon. If you have destroyed Megaton Jericho will wait somewhere in the ruins and can be hired there again.

Karma level: evil.

  • Sergeant RL-3.

Sergeant RL-3 is a robot of a model called Mister Gutsy originally created for the army but now serving as a universal helper. He has an experimental AI which makes problems to robot’s owner Tinker Joe. RL-3 can attack enemies with both plasma and flame weapons.

Hiring options: find Tinker Joe somewhere between Tenpenny Tower and the RobCo facility, give him 1000 or 500 caps and RL-3 will be yours!

Finding options: after firing this robot will go to Canterbury Commons. You can encounter him near the entrance where merchants usually stop. Be sure to be neutral.

Karma level: neutral.

  • Star Paladin Cross.

This character is a tough Brotherhood of Steel soldier, one of Elder Lyon’s guards and advisers. Cross has wonderful armor and knows a lot about different weapons. She can sometimes loot corpses before the player as Brotherhood collects various technologies.

Hiring options: finish The Waters of Life quest to hire Star Paladin. She will reject your offer of joining the team if you have evil or neutral karma.

Finding options: after firing this character comes back to the Citadel. You can encounter and hire her again in the laboratory of this base.

Karma level: good.

Companions’ mechanics

To maximize the power of followers you should discover some aspects of their mechanics. For now, you already know that only one companion can follow you along with Dogmeat. It’s important that every partner including robots and beasts can die permanently. The only way to bring the dead companion to life is to use cheat «player.resurrect» with NPC’s code. Find codes here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VddCg3MMoizrl7VS718r6IzRTLR-Scqt4jVvgRgmYPA/edit#gid=0.

Followers are extremely useful in combats. Normally, they use their own clothes and weapons but it’s recommended to give them better equipment. Every companion except Dogmeat, Fawkes and Sergeant RL-3 can be equipped with power armor and the heaviest guns. Note that NPCs have unlimited ammo only for their native weapons. Means, you should remember about ammunition for each additional gun.

During the combat, companions can use covers, melee and ranged arms. They can use consumables such as stimpaks or stealth boys. The health of companions restores fully after each battle but sometimes enemies can kill your mates quickly. That’s why you should check the health of followers and, especially, Dogmeat as this dog cannot heal himself during the battle. Also, AI of companions isn’t perfect, so they can hide near explosive vehicles.

In addition, we have a pack of hints about permanent companions for you:

  • Use NPCs as additional storage so far as they can carry any items.
  • To refresh followers’ positions and return them home just enter any add-on location.
  • To reach the teammate you can enter cheat «player.moveto» and NPC’s code.
  • NPCs are immune to radiation and can wear heavy armor for additional defense.

Temporary companions

There are additional companions which are available only during certain quests. We call them temporary companions. These characters cannot heal themselves after each battle and can shoot any weapon with at least one bullet. Only 3 followers have unique dialogue options through which you can give them equipment or consumables. Almost every temporary companion can be turned into permanent one. Just don’t finish the corresponding quest.

Here is the scroll of quests with temporary mates:

  • A Sticky Situation – Sticky.
  • Big Trouble in Big Town – Red and Shorty.
  • Cherry’s Freedom – Cherry.
  • Rescue from Paradise – Rory Maclaren.
  • Stealing Independence – Sydney.
  • Take it Back! – Sarah Lyons.
  • The Kid-Kidnapper – Bumble.
  • The Lost Initiate – Initiate Pen and Paladin Hoss.
  • The Waters of Life – Doctor Li.

These characters are not as powerful as permanent companions, so we don’t recommend traveling with them. Better focus on the best follower from original ones and turn him into the best bodyguard. Yeah, we suggest Fawkes!

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